1. Can I buy one pull handle not part of a pair and how does it fit?

Yes, you can buy one pull handle for one side of your door, however, you must keep in mind that you would have a visible screw through the other side of the door. This is to give it strength so the constant pulling on one side won’t dislodge it. if you choose to fit one pull handle on your door and use a secret fixing (which is available) then it is most likely that you will endlessly be tightening it.  Back to back is the most ideal practice.

  1. How do the pull handles fit onto the door?

The pull handles come with long screws so that they fit back to back. These screws are suitable for doors up to 90mm thick and need to be cut down to size for the right thickness of your door. So this is essential to check before you start the fitting process.

  1. Can I have a lever handle on one side and a pull handle on the other side?

A lot of clients want to do this but it isn’t the best option. It’s very similar to the answer given in question number one. With a lever handle on one side and a pull on the other, the handles are not connected to anything in the middle of the door and therefore become loose after use. This is why it isn’t an ideal choice to make.  Secret fixing is available, but in our experience loosening will occur.

  1. How do I clean my handles?

Never use detergent on your handles, always wipe down with a damp cloth only and then with a dry cloth.   

  1. Can I repair a scratch?

It is possible to repair a scratch by getting your handles polished by someone locally or polish with a special sanding paper which would be 180grit in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel.

  1. Why do my handles feel loose?

It may be that the grub screw (small profile – high friction screw ) needs tightening – on some of our handles this is located at the bottom of the handle and can only be seen from underneath.  You will need a small alan key for this. Occasionally, it could be that the type of handle is the reason it is loose. Some handles can loosen because they aren’t back to back and will just naturally need tightening all the time (see question number 1) and others depending on the shape may be offset and have no support on one side which causes the handle to become loose with time.

  1. My delivery is later than I expected, where is it?

You should have been told when you ordered your handles when to expect delivery and if the product is in stock, if it isn’t it needs to be ordered and then delivered to you which can take up to 6weeks and sometimes longer for our bronze handles. Please email us if you are not sure and need an update.

  1. Can you make bespoke handles?

Yes it is possible in some cases that we can, so it is worth sending us an email to check and give us some information about what you are after. Some of our coloured handles are available in colours that aren't listed and some of the other stainless steel handles are available in bespoke sizes.

  1. Can you source any other colours than what is on your website?

Yes it is possible that other colours are available, so please email us at sales@pushpull.co.uk to check.

10. Do you have drawings that explain the fixings?

Yes we do, these are available on request but also instructions come with your handle in the box.

11.How do I know the handing of the handles?

Please see a drawing below which explains this.

12. Do you have drawings showing how the handles fix?

We do have some drawings so please email our office for this information. The fitting instructions do come with your handle in it's box, when it is delivered. We also ask you for information on the type of door you have when you place your order so we can ascertain the correct fixings for your handle and send those to you.