It’s all in the detail

It’s all in the detail

It surprises me that so many people consider not having a handle on their front door. This is quite tricky because, yes, contemporary design determines a much more minimalistic look but you still need your door to be practical and easy to use. Some opt for a cylinder pull but this may sometimes not be suitable for the size of the door or its weight.

Handles really do add something special to a door - design, statement and function but moreover I’ve found that handles do definitely add a touch of elegance and a little bit of you. Your first instinct is really what you should go for, whatever first made you think yes, I love it, is probably the best choice for your door.

You should also be considering handle size in comparison to the size of the door and also dimension and depth of the handle and it’s fixings. So a 2.4m tall door could easily have a 1200mm tall pull handle but just as easily a 600mm handle or a lever handle for that matter. But what looks better and what is the door being used for? These determine how you make your choices.

So many people think very tall handles are more for commercial buildings but in reality they can work for any entrance. I would say they suit bigger doors better and also are a contemporary choice but why not? The difference between square and round handles or thin and thicker handles are all very personal and can change the look of a door dramatically. Whatever you choose keep in mind functionality too – perhaps a lever handle would be better for your door, but would it appear too small?

So considering what works best isn’t what it’s all about… use your gut feeling and go for what you love.