Why Choose Bronze?

Why Choose Bronze?

Its so easy to specify or go for what we are used to when choosing handles for an interior or exterior door

It’s also hard not to go for what’s in trend at that moment. Trends come and go but that your door will be there for a considerable amount of time and remembering that is important. 

Bronze is one of those finishes that can last the test of time. It has innate classical beauty in addition to all of it’s other properties (antibacterial, solid, easy to cast, and a patina that continues to build over time). But is the current trend for copper, rose gold and bronze look products going to last? I think for a while it will, because people are bored of stainless steel a little now. Even if it doesn’t last, I think a bronze handle will still work especially if it’s got interesting texture, a beautiful form and is made to a high standard.

Points about Bronze that make it a good choice:

  1. Bronze can add value as it looks and feels expensive.
  2. As a material, it raises the profile of any door its on.
  3. Makes a simple door something spectacular.
  4. Works for Contemporary and Traditional design.
  5. The texture you get on a bronze handle adds a considerable amount of interest

So, I hope I’ve convinced you but if you are in doubt, definitely visit our bronze section of the site here and see for yourself!